March 16, 2018

Ruby’s Two Favorite “Red Panda” Audio Adventures

Ruby’s Two Favorite “Red Panda” Audio Adventures

Welcome back fellow listeners!

Hi, it’s Ruby, your Audio Arts Barista, bringing you another audio adventure featuring the marvelous masked mystery man known as the Red Panda, and his trusty female partner, the Flying Squirrel!*

Despite the 119 episodes the talented and prolific Gregg Taylor has written and produced, Episode 7, “Red Panda: Dead or Alive” [from Season One] will always hold a special place in my heart as the one that truly epitomizes the relationship between Kit Baxter, aka The Flying Squirrel, and the Red Panda. In every other superhero love story you can think of, the relationship between one superhero and one citizen (or two superheroes) features the tragic, at best, “I love you, but the life I’ve chosen will put you in danger, so we can’t be together.”

Gregg Taylor thankfully, does not follow such conventional themes. Instead, he has created a superheroine who will not only punch out the villains, but any other person (including the Red Panda) who prevents her from standing next to the mystery man she loves. As a lonely, single, college student listening to this story on my outdated iPod late into the night, not so long ago, there was a wish in my little fangirl heart that I would one day find someone who I would fight to keep in my life as hard as Kit Baxter fights for her Red Panda.

*It might interest you to know that actors Clarissa Denederlanden and Gregg Taylor, who play the Flying Squirrel and Red Panda respectively, were dating during the first season of this show, so you have to wonder how much of the emotion you hear is acting or real. Gregg proposed to Clarissa at the end of Season 1, and now they have two little Red Squirrels or Flying Pandas, named Max and Tess.

Please click on the arrow below to begin listening to Episode 7, “Red Panda: Dead or Alive.”

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