September 30, 2015

International Podcast Day is Today!

International Podcast Day is Today!

If you don’t know a lot about podcasting, today is the day you can learn more at International Podcast Day! This one snuck right up on me, even though I just delivered a presentation last Saturday at the Independent Publishers of New England conference on the subject. I love podcasting. It’s a technology which gives readers a chance to listen to works of interest on their phones, in their cars, while jogging or bicycling – whenever and wherever they want. That’s why you’ll see my novels podcast right here on Fictional Café. Very soon you’ll be seeing many other podcasting offerings here from other artists as well. So jump over to learn more about podcasting at International Podcast Day, join the conversation at Blab, and check out our offerings here at the Café, too! Jack

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March 14, 2015

About the Podcasts

We think podcasts of books are the audio format of the future. Last year, we presented our founding barista’s novel, Wild Blue Yonder, and some other fictional works and old-time radio dramas in downloadable audio files. Jack’s been a DJ and media nut most of his life, so you never know what he’s gonna podcast next. OUR NEW PODCAST This week, we begin the new podcast series of Jack’s second novel, Madrone. It’s the second volume in the Nathaniel Hawthorne Flowers story, and it’s received rave reviews from readers. Now you can listen to it here. We’ll publish one chapter a week for the next 24 weeks. The podcast is read by Leonard Mailloux, a lifelong radio broadcaster and broadcast writing practitioner. Len is Senior Faculty in the Communications Department at Simmons College. Sound engineering by Walking…

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June 10, 2014

F. Scott’s Fitzgerald’s Famously Unknown Story

    Few readers have ever read Francis Scott Key Fitzgerald’s short story, “The Diamond As Big as The Ritz.” Even fewer know it was broadcast on an old-time radio show called “Escape” which ran for several years in the latter 1940s and early 1950s. And even fewer know it was broadcast three times, with three different casts, on “Escape” in 1947, ’48, and ’49. Sam Edwards stars as John T. Unger and Nina Columb as Kismine.  Enjoy a light-hearted fantasy thriller by an author from whom you would not expect such a tale!       Please click the arrow below to listen.

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June 3, 2014

Flash Gordon, A Radio Classic

A few weeks ago, we played a re-creation of a classic short story by Stephen Crane, “The Blue Hotel.” What you’re about to hear is another adaptation: an early radio serial, “Flash Gordon.” This is the debut episode from an original – although bootlegged – script, adapted from the original comic book. The radio program debuted on April 27, 1935, with this episode, “Flash Gordon on the Planet Mongo.” The cast is an ad hoc group of faculty and staff, The Lotsa Luck Players of the Fat Chance Radio Theatre, at the New England Institute of Art, circa 2007. The producer is Larry Miller; the production was directed by Jerry Goodwin. Larry and Jerry created and engineered the sound effects. The music is from Franz Liszt’s “Les Preludes,” a piece used again and again in old time radio…

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