May 7, 2014

Photography by Grant Kreinberg

Artist’s Statement: I did not start out to be an artist. My education and experience has been as a civil engineer. But I got my first camera when I was about 12 and never really put it down.  My photographic interests lean toward nature and the outdoors, probably as a result of my work. I’ve gotten into the habit of carrying a camera with me wherever I go. When something catches my eye, I photograph it.

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This is a car roof, taken at a custom car show in Santa Maria, CA last year. I call it “A Different View of the Universe” because it reminds me of the rings of Saturn.



Barn Abstract


Abstract -4

Two Barn Abstracts. These were shot in an old barn at Point Reyes, CA. It was light outside and dark inside and the barn siding had fairly wide slots between each board. I believed I used a neutral density filter to reduce the light entering the lens, opened the shutter and intentionally moved the camera. In post processing, I dropped the temperature to give the light a bluish cast.


Too much wine - 2

“Too Much Wine” has a funny story behind it.  I was at some social event at a winery just down the road.  I had been shooting outside in manual mode and wandered into the barrel room, saw something and fired off a shot. But because I was on manual, the shutter opened and stayed open. Realizing my mistake, I turned the camera off to close the shutter. What you see is what the camera saw. In the upper left hand corner is the face of an acquaintance of mine.


Brushed Aluminum

A closeup of brushed aluminum.


Union Pacific Train Station

“Union Pacific Train Station.” This the roof of the newer portion of the Union Pacific Train Station in Los Angeles, CA.  I was waiting for my girlfriend to arrive and had my camera with me. I happened to look up and saw an interesting pattern.


Grant Kreinberg’s civil engineering background is evident in his photography. His work has been exhibited in a number of venues in California including a gallery in Locke, the Santa Rosa Visitors Center, the aRt Cottage in Concord, the Steele Lane Community Center in Santa Rosa, the CR Frame and Gallery in Brentwood, and the Lawler House Gallery in Suisun. Grant is a member and former director of the Sierra Camera Club in Sacramento, the Diablo Valley Camera Club in Martinez and a number of photography meet-up groups around Northern California. You can contact him and see more of his photography at Fine Arts America. He lives in Green Valley, California.

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