May 19, 2014

Bravery in a Windows 8 World

killyourtelevisioncom-300x170 (1)I don’t much care for television commercials. I mean, come on, “ask your doctor” if you need to take a placebo pill for your placebo-fantasy condition whose side effects will make you sick? But I don’t want to get started. Except my wife and I were watching “Big Bang Theory” and this Microsoft commercial comes on. Innocuous enough, but then at the end there’s some woman screeching something I cannot understand. It sounds like she’s having a bad-tattoo experience. Or maybe her phone just fell out of her back pocket and was run over by a truck. Or maybe it was a cry of frustration with trying to work a Windows 8 computer.

I was curious enough to Google around to find out why she was in such pain. Turns out she’s singing something about being brave. Ah ha. I was right. Clearly, Microsoft recognizes it takes a massive amount of bravery to use Windows 8. No wonder the singer is chirping the lyrics in an indiscernible falsetto.

I turn back to my Mac, close the YouTube window, and return to my writing, secure in the knowledge that nothing like what I’ve just viewed in this commercial will ever, ever, happen to me.

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