December 31, 2021

“Painting with Morris,” Visual Art by Morris Wiener

“Painting with Morris,” Visual Art by Morris Wiener

Artist’s Statement: My seventh grade teacher, Miss Steinberg, told us that since we would be graduating into high school the following year, we should all have some idea of what we wanted to do with the rest of our lives.

Painting with Morris
“Atlantic Shore”

“Fire Grass”

She informed us that the following day, each one of us would be asked to come up to the front of the classroom and briefly explain what we wanted to become and why. Well, I don’t believe that anyone was too pleased with that . . . I certainly wasn’t. Not because I didn’t know “what,” but rather, I didn’t know “how.”

Painting with Morris
“Grey and Greyer”

How am I going to explain to a group of pretty tough guys and girls (most of them played baseball, badminton or basketball) that I wanted to be an artist?

Painting with Morris
“Mini Falls”

Somehow, I got along with them all right, but for a long time after that I was known as “the artiste.” It wasn’t meant to be complimentary.

Painting with Morris
“Panorama in Orange”

My parents, hard-working laborers, only just arrived in their new country and couldn’t see the reasoning. “Surely,” they said, “you could make a lot more money as a plumber.”

“Sisters All”
Painting with Morris
“Florida Hammoc”

I have spent my entire life trying to become an “artist,” and now I am one. Well, I don’t really know if I am one or not, but I’ve certainly had a great time trying. I’ve enjoyed a good deal of success and pleasure in painting and teaching. I’ve had my own TV show (“Painting with Morris”) and my own gallery/studio, which I still have.

“Lone Egret”

Let me close with this thought, for all those young people. “Don’t give up the ship.” It’s a highly competitive game, but what worthwhile endeavor isn’t. If you love it, go for it. and good luck to you all.

Painting with Morris
“Orange Skies”


A few words about me. I live and work in Florida, selling my paintings and giving classes to people who want to paint. I first started painting before entering elementary school and have had a number of art instructors helping over the years. I studied at Sir George Williams University in Canada, and spent two years at the Brooklyn Museum of Art in New York.

Those of you in Florida may have watched me on Channel 15 in Daytona Beach, where I did my show called “Painting with Morris.”

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  • Gayle says:

    Just “won” a painting by Morris Wiener at the Barberville Pioneer Settlement Spring Fling’s Silent Auction! I am visiting from up north – what a lovely memento of our trip to the Spring Fling. Thank you, Mr. Morris for donating the picture to the settlement. My family will enjoy my good fortune.

  • Robin Adams says:

    I have 2 small oil art works by Mr Wiener. I Love them. Purchased years ago from eBay I knew I had made the best purchases and felt slightly guilty at the small (to me) price I had paid. I treasure these beautiful paintings.

  • Sharon says:

    We really love your work and wish you were still selling on Ebay, since we are too far away from Daytona. – as we miss seeing your paintings pop up on Ebay. Great to see them here. And we do have several of your works and value them highly. Keep Painting!

  • richard david bach says:


  • Jack says:

    Charming and rather ethereal landscapes. I like.

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