January 4, 2018

New Year’s Poetry by Chimezie Ihekuna

New Year’s Poetry by Chimezie Ihekuna

Editor’s Note: Please see Simran’s review of  Chimezie’s – “Mr. Ben’s” – collected works in the Reviews section.

Be Inspired

When you’re down,

you tend to be close to your feet

and consequently, close to defeat.

But for the sake of success,

please rise to your feet.

That’s the feat!


Succeeding The Race

Success is the race,

So, you should to move at your pace

 After all, it’s your lane

So don’t let your strength wane

It’s about completing your journey

Don’t let anyone take you funny

There are no competitions

Because you know your onions

Reaching the finish line is its own accomplishment

Then you will appreciate the beauty of your commitment


Talking Thoughts

Talking can be cheap

But its consequence might be difficult to keep

Its seeds can be weak

But its fruits might be at the peak

Its thoughts can be communicated

But its messages might not be disseminated

Talk can appear to fall into the hands of thin air

But its working power might be thick to be unfair.


Waiting, Ambition and Time

I had been an ambitious person since day one…

Time, I realized, was the difficult one

The distance between sowing and reaping defines it

Not having my food on time didn’t make me eat

That made me really hungry

My appetite for ambition became angry

It wasn’t long until I became The Dis-Ease

What I saw parasitizing me was the disease.



I love my writing

I am passionate about its acting

The very reason for its outstanding:





T-Terms (of)

I-Information (on)



‘It makes sense’ my thought says

That becomes my literary ways

My words are values that are positive-offering

That’s why I love my writing…






Chimezie Ihekuna – Mr. Ben, as he is fondly called – is an internationally known (and represented) author, poet, playwright, novelist, essayist, speaker and voice-over artiste, whose labor of  love for humanity has inspired him to thirst for knowledge to inspire its advancement. Based in Lagos, Nigeria, Mr Ben delights in reading, writing, communicating and meeting people. His Amazon author page is here.  Facebook: Ihekuna Chimezie Benedict.











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