March 30, 2021

March Edition of “The Break from HOKAIC”

March Edition of “The Break from HOKAIC”

Happy end of March!

This month has been really, really busy. I’ve been up to a lot of things, some of which will show up lately in pretty cool ways. For now, with y’all, I wanted to share the five most important things I learned (or was reminded of) this month.

  1. Do some little marketing task every day. If you’re self-published, there’s lots of options. If you’re going traditional, build inroads with editors and agents. 
  2. Perfectionism might be our greatest enemy. 
  3. Sprizzy and Social Growth Engine are two services that help promote videos. SGE seems to work much better, even if they feel much sketchier to the user. 
  4. It’s amazing how far people are willing to go to help you if you just ask them for help. 
  5. Our second greatest enemy is probably working on too many projects at once, because you’re so excited about all of them. 

That’s the stuff. I hope this helped you remember something you already know is important, or clued you in on something new. 

Tune in next month. Exciting stuff on its way. 

Hey, also…

Later this month I’m doing a webinar on crowdfunding for authors. Click this link to get on the list of people who get more info. It’s free, so if you’re interested at all you should come. 🙂

the break from hokaic


Jason Brick is the Editorial Consultant Barista here at The Fictional Café. You can find some of his work here.

March Edition

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