September 2, 2016

Lost in Thought: September Submissions

Lost in Thought: September Submissions

As those sunny summer days wind to a close, we start to wonder where the time went. I like to recall those days spent with head in the clouds, those hours sitting by the pond reflecting on life, while life reflected back at me. Our submissions this month are all about such head-in-the-clouds moments.

Thomas Healy starts our offerings with his short story “Switzerland,” in which we see a man who sits all day by a fountain, lost in thought. To where does his mind venture? Where would yours go?

Next up we have the poetry of Paula Bonnell. She ponders the “somedays” of life alongside vivid descriptions of nightmares past. Read along to see where her eyes and mind bring you.

For our art this month, we feature the inspirational images of Jessica Edouard aka Send Sunshine (how appropriate!). She pairs the beauty of flowers with uplifting phrases that fuel the mind and the imagination.

We’ve got a second dose of fiction, courtesy of Channie Greenberg. Her short story, “If Only They Could See Her Now!” takes us into outer space with a hedgehog heroine. Head in the clouds? More like head in the stars.


As always, we’ve got a fresh podcast series in store for you, courtesy of Jack. In keeping with our theme of reflection, he offers us a novel written by Sinclair Lewis in 1935 entitled “It Can’t Happen Here.” This is the startling story of a dictator who gets elected President of the United States, which has deep resonance with our weeks-away presidential election. If you were ever in wonder about history repeating itself, you will find “It Can’t Happen Here” a fascinating listen.

So what did you contemplate this summer? Where did your mind (or body) go these long months? Let us know in the comments section below!

— Your Baristas


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