November 22, 2020

“Letters” and Other Poems by Morgan Bazilian

“Letters” and Other Poems by Morgan Bazilian
The economists argue 
about the shape of letters. 
They consider 
V and U and even W. 
The letters, though 
have their own ideas 
about their shapes, and futures 
and destinies.  
The experts try to force them 
to fit a mold 
or a pre-conceived notion 
related to time and space.  
Ultimately, the letters 
across the graphs, unencumbered and 
uncaring of the constraints 
placed on them by nearly everyone.  


A day transitions 
under its own 
without heralding  
of consequence.  
And then, two more 
or three 
in an un-syncopated beat.  
Boundaries do not exist, 
even circadian rhythms 
are not respected.  
This time has no empathy,  
no forgiveness 
as the fourth dimension.  


The grass is blooming.  
It looks haphazard 
and unkempt. 
The sun is mixing with the rain 
and producing poppies 
and dandelions. 
Weeds shoot up 
in some version of joy 
despite the maintenance. 
It hides bugs 
and dog shit 
and old children’s toys.  
It is bright 
and verdant 
and a welcome sign of change.  


About Morgan:
I am a Professor of Thermodynamics and Quantum Mechanics, as well as a poet.
This is his first feature on The Fictional Café.

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