May 23, 2022

“Lend Your Ears,” Poetry by Tapeshwar Prasad

“Lend Your Ears,” Poetry by Tapeshwar Prasad

Lend your ears 

I have other ways 

To enamour your heart 

Hark! My calligraphy 

Lending your ears 

On the wings of a butterfly - 

One flower to the next  




Colour of my grief 

I puff up the earth 

A little more, from 

Under my grave 

To see you blooming 

Colour of my grief  - 

The blood of my poppies  

Rooting the nerves, inside  



Scarecrow of the night 

You have been 

So easy upon me 

Like a butterfly of my dreams 

Yet, the reality; outside 

was maintaining 

an eerie silence  

in this turbulent night 


I settled down 

With an imagery of the fore  

Cozy in my sleep 

Yet the evil spirit of the night 

Was hell bent over  

frightening me, with its  

Scarecrow imagery  



I was all seeing - 

You, that were 

Rolling your baggage  

on a silent railway platform 

in the middle of luminous night  


flickering station light 

merging with the distant moon 

waiting for the train to come 


Ducklings of my trollybag 

Never miss me 

Unblinking, that 

I see you  

Riding the stairs of a whistling train  




These volcanic ashes 

That soot over  

the burdened sky 

Pastel a colour to my canvas 


of my brush and paints 

burning more proper  


What so ever it did 

by way of gloom 

It could not reach  

the heights of canvas 



the magma  

These of my colours 

just did it 

taking a plunge 

by lines and curves  



Ruth of the sky 

I am ever dependent 

upon the flock  

Standing guard  

Against the twilight 

Nestlings - 

by the dusk  


your homecoming - 

Ruth of the sky 



What is this ilk  

of your hieroglyphics - 

Sacred words 

carved on my stony eyes  

in pursuant of a will. 


will you then, do me tears  

by my cheeks;  

whose blades have become blunt  

by the repeated use of your chisel  


Tapeshwar Prasad has authored blend of five surrealistic and realistic poetry books, and has been featured in Camel Saloon (UK), Cordite Poetry Review (Australia), Crushing Waves, The Aquillrelle Wall of Poetry (USA) and many others. He has been included as ICOP: Roll of Honor by Sir Louis Kasatkin, UK. 

Lend Your Ears
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  • Dr. Molly Joseh says:

    Tapeswar ji’s poems capture the ” here and now” afresh and the chosen imageries resonate..

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