May 20, 2022

“Sound Escape Theater” Created by Jill Korn

“Sound Escape Theater” Created by Jill Korn

Welcome back, for the last week of May, I’d like to introduce you to “Sound Escape Theater,” created by Jill Korn.

To listen to a radio play is to become a character in someone else’s story.

Bring your own imagination to our plays and let yourself be transported

to other places, other times, other lives …

Sound Escape Theater

How many years does it take to feel you really belong? For Francine, living on the Isle of Donan, nothing will ever be the same now that her reason for being here is gone. But Francine is a survivor. Outwardly conventional she may be, but like a true Frenchwoman, she’s up for a little rebellion when the opportunity arises.

Galore! was conceived and produced during lockdown, and inspired by the beautiful Isle of Arran which lies off the west coast of Scotland. At the time, I could see the island from the top of the hill near my house, but for many months was not able to visit it.  

Sound Escape Theater

An angelic fantasy tale set on a remote Scottish island. The bees have all left , apparently forever, and spring has not arrived. Everything is out of kilter and only Breagh, it seems, can put it right. High Spirits is about finding friendship and facing fear. “You’re a child of the air. Your job is to cross the barriers that separate the different elements in this world. Your job is telling stories, and bringing back harmony.” High Spirits is part of An Ayrshire Trilogy, three audio dramas which celebrate our rich history and culture. The Trilogy is supported by Creative Scotland.

Jill Korn is a storyteller based in Scotland, with a love of radio drama, history and folklore. She writes and produces radio plays with more than a little help from her friends and she wants to be able to pay people for the work they do in bringing her writing to life for your ears to enjoy. Jill captures many of her ideas while sitting in cafés, so of course, writing requires a lot of coffee to be drunk, and every little (as they say) helps the process.

If you wish to hear more of her stories, check out episodes of Sound Escape Theater on her website and Apple Podcasts. And if these stories aren’t to your liking, check out our Audio Arts page. We have new episodes every other week, Friday, 7PM, EST. So don’t change that dial!

Sound Escape Theater
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