January 16, 2019

Leaping Metaphysical Boundaries: John Michael Barone’s Art

Leaping Metaphysical Boundaries: John Michael Barone’s Art

Artist’s Statement

Painter John Michael Barone believes while we gain success as artists and entrepreneurs, it is our duty to help the art scene grow. It is exceptionally important now for artists to be seen as key contributors to the future of our communities. If we do not forge a strong path and build platforms for artists, failure may be inevitable. Working together, we can set sound examples for the future of the arts. If we teach others, they will teach us. We guide them and they will show us the way. As artists young or old, professional or amateur, we can all learn from each other. This will help us all achieve our goals of reaching higher peaks of learning and expanding our knowledge of the artmaking process.

Current Work  

“I have been trying to see my works metaphysical boundaries in a critical light. Questioning the process, how it shapes my work, and in turn myself. I equate this to the idea of dying, death, and rebirth as a current ongoing circulating metempsychosis of creativity. The work that is currently on the easel involves complex ideas based in religious iconology and philosophies like the Allegory of the Cave or holographic universe theory. I want to make complex ideas like these simple for the viewer to interpret in the hopes of causing deep thought that creates a detachment from the physical realm.”  

Mountains of the Moon (Carved Painting)

KETHERTOMALKUTH (Oil, Acrylic on Canvas)
Janis (Ink on Paper)
Gud Luck (Oil and acrylic on canvas)
New Wave Holograms (Acrylic on Canvas)
gd Aces (carved back to back)
Good Ol’ Grateful Dead (Carved Painting)
Self Portrait COSM (Oil and Acrylic on canvas)

John Michael Barone (AKA online as John Mike is Dead) is an Artist working and living in the Appalachian Mountains of West Virginia. His work dives into the deepest states of the psychedelic and esoteric. In his work he is constantly trying to reach new peaks of technical skill, surreal abstractions, and awareness. As an artist his creativity skirts the edge of lucidity, flirting with it to determine where the boundaries of metaphysical surrealism lie. John meditates on these ideals to become aware of their abstractions and concepts, thus using them to construct his unique visionary process.

Upcoming events/exhibitions:  A multi-venue group exhibition/event I am coordinating called “Night Gallery” that focuses on the idea of a Dark Visionary Experience. Dates and venues TBA, please check social media.

Website – Website – https://johnmichaelart.wixsite.com/johnmikeisdead

Facebook – https://www.facebook.com/TeleSlug/

Instagram – johnmikeisdead 

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