December 1, 2020

Hume Baugh — Paintings of Life and Love

Hume Baugh — Paintings of Life and Love

Artist’s Statement:
I started painting in 2017. I had been given a set of oil paints but hadn’t used them until I was at my sister’s cottage that summer and I painted three pictures.

Hume Baugh
“Burning Leaves at the Yellow House”
Hume Baugh
Bliss and Peaceful Repose

I immediately connected with the experience. I took art in high school but hadn’t touched a paintbrush since. 

Hume Baugh
Tail in the Cosmos
Hume Baugh
Through the Train Window 2

I paint mostly to please myself, to set myself challenges. I don’t think I have a lot of finesse but I think I have the ability to capture energy, things happening, and I love colour, lots of it.

Hume Baugh
Sheila’s Porch
Swirling Leaves in Pond

I like to see what happens with the paint on the canvas, where the painting wants to go as opposed to what I’m trying to insist on. Painting has been a very happy discovery for me. 

My Garden


Hume Baugh has published work in Queen’s Quarterly, The New Quarterly, and won This Magazine’s inaugural Great Canadian Literary Hunt with his story ‘Sisters’. He is the author of the play Crush, produced by Optic Heart Theatre in Toronto at Summerworks in 2008 and at the Factory Studio in 2011. It was nominated for Best New Play in the Independent Theatre Category at the 2012 Dora Mavor Moore Awards in Toronto. He is also the author of the monologue The Girl in the Picture Tries to Hang Up the Phone, which has been produced by Optic Heart Theatre at Buddies in Bad Times Rhubarb!; Harbourfront’s HATCH; the Windsor and Ottawa Fringes; Zoofest in Montreal; and at videofag in Toronto. He is also an actor, painter, director and teacher. He has been painting since 2017. He can be contacted via email or on Facebook.
This is his first feature on The Fictional Café.

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  • Geoff Lyon says:

    They are beautiful Hume. I am in sterile office late at night with pictures from Winners. Needed something different.

  • Cathy Fair says:

    Love this article and the painter’s work! Well done Hume Baugh. Can’t wait to view your future creations.

  • Caitlin Park says:

    Baugh’s paintings are bright, cheery and simple. The textured paint and visible brushstrokes remind me of impasto techniques used by Gogh and other post impressionists. There is movement and life within his paintings that fill the viewer with a sense of warmth and memories of childlike wonder.

  • Paul Nicholas Mason says:

    Beautiful work, Mr Baugh! You go from strength to strength.

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