September 29, 2015

Harvest Time: October Submissions

Harvest Time: October Submissions

Summer’s bounty is autumn’s benefit. Rather than pickling our harvest, we decided to throw a feast. Without further ado, we give you five courses of October Submissions.

Last week, we published three novel excerpts as an appetizer for an event that featured Fictional Café members reading from their novels. We’d like to thank our authors for their work and congratulate them on their reading. We hope you will take a gander if you haven’t already and check out their books if you like what you see.

For our main course, we will be featuring an artist whose unique take on art has produced some fabulous sculpture pieces. Woodsybug creates shelves, lamps and art using the guitar as the canvas. The Fictional Café is excited to showcase these guitars from an up-and-coming artist with a very diverse and creative portfolio.

We hope you save room for our platter of small desserts: the poetry of Suman Chatterjee, who goes simply by “Ron.” His poems touch on such major themes in human existence as love, adventure and sadness, evoking a fragrant sense of place in the process. Please join us in welcoming Ron to the Fictional Café.

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