September 28, 2015

Announcing Our New Head Barista, Mike Mavilia

Announcing Our New Head Barista, Mike Mavilia

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Few activities give me more pleasure than helping bring someone into the publishing business, and the story of Mike Mavilia is no exception. Mike is a Bowdoin College graduate, but more importantly a smart, literate young man with discerning thoughts and opinions about writing and publishing and, perhaps most importantly, a keen attention to detail.

With a background like that, how could I not want to get him involved in Fictional Café?

He took to it like a duck to water and has brought a great many improvements to this, our not-for-profit, totally for-pleasure, arts site.

Mike began working at FC with Jason and me about a year ago, and has taken the reins with such gusto that I decided he needed to be acknowledged to our member audience and everyone else who reads and views our creative publication. Mike puts our monthly publication schedule together, invites authors and artists to publish with us, and leads our online three-way meetings to discuss submissions. Sometimes the work is good to go, but sometimes it needs some help and it’s here that Mike’s incisive perceptions come fully into play. He works like a seasoned editor with many years of experience, and I am grateful for his thoughts and ideas about what we do and how best to do it.

And so it is that I present to you our newly promoted Head Barista and Editor, Michael Mavilia. I hope you will drop him a note or a Like to congratulate him at one of his online addresses on his new business card, above. I look forward to observing Mike in a long, successful publishing career.

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