July 19, 2017

“Every Picture Tells A Story, Don’t It?” – Charlotte Penabel’s Collages

“Every Picture Tells A Story, Don’t It?” – Charlotte Penabel’s Collages

Rod Stewart sang it best in song, and Charlotte Penabel’s Etsy collages take flight over Rod in image and words. Click on each image to enlarge it so you can read their titles. And for even more fun, listen to Rod sing the “Every Picture Tells A Story” as you enjoy Charlotte’s collages.


Artist’s Statement

I find a lot of visual appeal in pop culture, glamour, vintage Hollywood, femininity and anything glittery – but I don’t think I could create a feminine or aesthetically pleasing digital collage without emulating a subtle undertone of suffering and self loathing to the celebrity-crazed world we live in. I am fascinated, pained and enchanted by first-world culture and the effects, power and persuasion images can have on us as a mass consumed society. For every collage I create, there is always a hint of sarcasm, humor and “rolling of the eyes” under the glitz and glam of the images and subjects I choose. My work is anything but minimal: It is busy, messy with quick and effortless cut and paste application, giving my work a grunge-like connotation.

Charlotte Penabel, Up Late Can’t Sleep Productions 

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