April 1, 2022

Eva Shaw — Whimsy Meets Reality in Art

Eva Shaw — Whimsy Meets Reality in Art

Artist’s Statement:
In my art, I attempt to share how the world conveys its impressions on me, whether in whimsy or reality. 

Eva Shaw
“Sun Waves”
Eva Shaw
“Country Road”

I love to study the complexities of nature, the swirls and hearts and mysterious shapes and then transfer them into how the brush meets the canvas. 

“Santa Ana”

Sometimes that’s silly; other times it takes a few “edits,” as I can tweaking the objects and designs. 

“Rubber Ducky”


There are even times when I return to a painting a month or more later knowing that a detail or a entire image needs to be changed.  

Eva Shaw

I enjoy painting as I do when writing books.  It consumes me.

Eva Shaw
“Beach Boardwalk”
“Bird on Fence”

Eva Shaw
“Women Rowers”


Eva Shaw

Eva Shaw began painting a decade ago, after a year-long battle with breast cancer.  She credits her late husband Joe’s comment that got her started.  He said, “The shed need painting.”

Self-taught, Eva loved the textures and fluidity of acrylics, striving to challenge herself and has decorated the entryway to her house, as well as inside, with paintings as well as offering them to a growing group of admirers.

Eva is a best-selling writer and her newest book is The Seer, a historical mystery. Check it out on her website.

Eva thrives on meditative clarity that comes from being emersed in a painting and the absolute pleasure felt while painting, whether it’s California impressionism or ginormous big-eyed bunnies in the open-air “studio” of her Carlsbad, California home.

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  • Sandra Bartman says:

    Wow, great art. I would love to hang any of these pieces on my living room wall. “Beach Boardwalk” wakes up memories of being at the cottage,

  • Danielle says:

    Your my inspiration, my muse!
    Thank you for being you and thank you for all you’ve taught me and continue to teach me!

  • Shanandoah says:


    My love of art began on a field trip to the Museum of Fine Arts, Boston, in the late 1970s. I stood staring at a Claude Monet painting and was transfixed by another time while my classmates were busy running from one painting to another.

    I love how some of your pieces, “Country Road,” “Barstow,” and “Beach Boardwalk” have a watercolor feel to them. While “Sailboats,” Rubber Ducky,” and “Koi” capture a 19602 contemporary feel. Well done! Anyone who can paint, I am in awe and wonderment that they can take the energy of a place and transform a blank canvas by capturing a moment.


  • Monique Elam says:

    These are as layered as you are! I am empowered by seeing another’s creativity taking different shapes within the same vessel. Thanks for not dimming your light!

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