March 20, 2020

“Deck Gibson: Far Reach Commander,” Audio Drama

“Deck Gibson: Far Reach Commander,” Audio Drama

From the vastness of space, it’s Deck Gibson, Far Reach Commander! Deck Gibson, former ace pilot and crack gunner of the Earth’s elite Quasar Corps, was found floating in space, his ship destroyed. Saved by Control, the last of a non-corporal alien species, Deck now takes the helm of Far Reach 1, a star ship for the alien Far Reach Fleet. With only the voice of Control in his ear, and his atom-splitter on his hip, he explores the stars, taking on missions great and small, for the thrill of going farther than any man has gone before.

Written by Matt Wallace and starring Jonathon Lyr as Deck Gibson and Leslie Livingston as Control, this is a journey you do not want to miss!

Deck Gibson Far Reach Commander
Deck Gibson: The Room With No View
Deck Gibson: The Tundra of Terror

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