September 3, 2021

“Coming Home” and “Run Sally” by Podplays

“Coming Home” and “Run Sally” by Podplays

Welcome back Fictional Cafe Listeners, this week we will be covering “Coming Home” and “Run Sally” two episodes that can be found on Podplays. Unlike most of our Audio Arts posts which follow a serialized format, these two episodes are completely independent of each other’s stories. What they both have in common however, is their MUSIC.

PodPlays® are Family Friendly audio dramas delivered in podcasting format. It’s like listening to a movie with the added bonus of discovering new and original songs written and recorded by Nashville’s top HIT songwriters and artists. So turn it on; turn it up, and don’t worry if the kids want to listen in, in fact, ask them to sing along!

"Coming Home" and "Run Sally"

“Coming Home”

Charlotte left her small town sweetheart, Dash, for the life of a high society designer in London. Eight years later, she returns for a long overdue visit to see friends and family from her previous life. Her parents host a small “Welcome Back” for her which makes all wonder; What was she running from and what is she now running to? Can you ever really leave home? In the quaint setting of her parents’ local General Store, we get to feel Charlotte’s angst and, eventually, see how strong her previous life’s tug can be. 

"Coming Home" and "Run Sally"

“Run Sally”

Former singer with a young son, Sally, has a stalker who manages to abduct her. While on the Los Angeles freeway she leaps out and is hit by another car. She discovers she will inherit an isolated, primitive ranch in the Sierras from a great uncle she never knew existed and believes she and her young son will find peace among elderly one time bandits who were also war heroes. Until she learns her former captor has escaped prison with help of three dangerous men. 

Featuring the music of the extraordinarily talented ALEX SEIER!!

If you enjoyed listening to “Coming Home” and “Run Sally”, you can find more fun episodes on Podplay and Spotify. However, if these family-friendly and musical episodes are not to your taste, check out our Audio Arts page at Fictional Cafe. We have a new episode posted every two weeks at 7PM EST. So don’t change that dial!

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