August 9, 2023

“Coddled by Mountains,” Poetry by PS Conway

“Coddled by Mountains,” Poetry by PS Conway
coddled by mountains 

watercolor skyline 

we have forgotten the artist 

but recall the art 

on a wall, set apart 

while all the while  

Cézanne lies face down in a field 

surrounded, coddled by mountains 

carefully crafted 

by the same god  

he helped re-create 


seaside ministrations 

bundled warm and dry midst the juniper 

subtle scents of pine and lavender blend 

to blunt the violence of raging surf 

and the winds that lament with banshee song 


first days of February, tides carry 

reminders of winter’s devastations 

flotsam mottles waves 

snowflakes cascade white 

blur the aplomb of the horizon line 


springtide seems so far away, here amongst 

the rocks and sand, no driftwood dry enough 

to light a fire 

no reeds to weave a holy rood 

nor to silence the dogged banshee keen 


the poet has denied these soft suicides 

of the mind many times before, seeking 

seaside ministrations to mollify 

the ebb inside a soul yearning for love 


tablet of Jade 

inscribe my name 

on a tablet of Jade 

tell me i will be great 

tell me i will be sage  


for in my mind’s eye 

i see clouds cross the sky 

shaped like Qilin 

shaped like Buddha 


and there is sunlight 

and joy in my breath 

and so many secrets 

of birth, of death 


currents unseen 

oh to be able 

to summon a wind 

make buoyant 

the butterflies 

on currents unseen 


oh if but to catalyze 

the way 

the day would whisper 

the leaves to sizzle  


oh to just be 

in silence with me 

surrounded by butterflies 

filling the skies 

gamboling to the music 

of trees 



under a hoary winter sky 

where all things 

hide away 

or bury themselves to die 


i recall 

the resilience of daylilies  


and i am thawed 

by memories of such beauty 

how soft things 

might yet blossom 



the falling 

of another wanton snow 


only what isn’t 

words dissolve 

‘neath the enormity of truth 

return to their essence  

motes midst stardust 


an excuse  

for recalling existence 

something once called love 


though there is no proof 

of creation 

or destruction  


only what isn’t 

what was 

and what shall never be 



soliloquy for the Unnamed  

this fretful night delights 

in the knowing chide of an owl’s call, 

who? indeed, more precise to ask, for whom? 

as such nameless Villains lurk in darkness  

never to share their ancient eponyms; 

‘tis power potent in a name, ‘tis power  


to unmask,  

to reveal,  

to dissemble, 


yet when hellfire claims their ashes, remnants 

of their utterance, victims of their hate,  

portentous Fates lay waste to mortal claims; 

there is no love song, nor ode to a god 

in the full light of day which can undo  

that which is done  

or rename the Unnamed. 


Coddled by Mountains

PS Conway returned to poetry in 2020 after a long hiatus from writing.  

Since then, his words have attracted an ardent community of readers. To date, PS has published 29 poems across 2 online journals and 10 poetry anthologies, one of which was an Amazon Best Seller. 

PS plans to publish his first poetry anthology “Echoes Lost in Stars” in early 2024 through an independent literary press. Details coming late 2023. 

PS finds fascination in language birthed from dark, literate, and emotive places. In his free time, he fancies himself a rockstar, jamming on his drum kit, and a wannabe sommelier, savoring Napa cabs with his wife Susan. 

Socials: Website, Facebook, Twitter

Coddled by Mountains
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