August 11, 2023

CBS Radio Mystery Theater

CBS Radio Mystery Theater

In 1974 long-time radio producer Himan Brown convinced CBS to green-light a new anthology of Radio Dramas, CBS Radio Mystery Theater (CBSRMT). Radio shows from the golden era of broadcasting are part of ” Old Time Radio “, or “otr.” During the Golden Age of Radio, listeners gathered by their radio to enjoy their favorite radio programs. Radio Mystery Theater (1974-82) was a resurgence of the nostalgia of those radio days.


CBS Radio Mystery Theater was meant to appeal to an audience that remembered when old time radio drama was a popular form of family entertainment. Riding on the wave of nostalgia fever, the radio show attracted many younger listeners who would stay up late, hidden under their covers to hear the program on their bedroom radio (and many of them were not able to go to sleep after listening to the frightening program!)

CBSRMT was able to attract a wide array of talent. Many of the voices that were popular during the Golden Age of Radio made appearances on CBS Radio Mystery Theater, and younger talent, often from CBS Daytime Television and NY area stage appeared in the radio broadcasts.

Original Air Date: January 13, 1974

A man finds out that his mother, who is believed to be dead, is still living and unleashes a Machiavellian plan to acquire her wealth and property – by shutting her away in the basement.

January 12, 1974

A daring attempt to clear their car windows during a snowstorm leads to the mysterious disappearance of a woman’s husband. The reasons turn out to be increasingly intriguing.

CBS Radio Mystery Theater: Honeymoon With Death Original Air Date: January 11, 1974

Has there been a horrible murder, or is Jennifer Brady losing her mind? Did she find the body of her husband, Howard Lancing, seated in the living room with a knife in his chest, or did she imagine the entire frightful scene? For that matter, is she even married and was there even a honeymoon?

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CBS Radio Mystery Theater is run by the support & generosity of listeners like you. By providing these old time radio shows for free we hope to keep the spirit of the Old Time Radio (OTR) alive for new audiences and fans who heard these classic broadcasts live in bygone decades.

We hope you enjoyed these episodes by CBS Mystery Theater. If you want to hear more, check out their website or Youtube. And if these old time-y shows weren’t to your liking, check out Fictional Cafe’s Audio Arts Page. We have a new podcast every other Friday, 7PM EST. So don’t change that dial!

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