September 9, 2014

“Carpe Diem,” A Poem by Catherine Dougherty


Watching the world go by;

Seeing it pass before my eyes.

Bearing witness to another day’s dawn,

Preluding, yet, another day’s song.

Funny, how it all seems to slip away;

Nothing is ever meant to stay.


Still, I can remember,

Ah yes, oh so well,

Rising from what seemed like hell,

Grasping the day and making it mine,

Simply living my life

And feeling so fine.


But, now I’m old,

My time here almost gone.

If my life was a battle,

I would say that I’ve won.

So I have no regrets of what’s come and passed,

Always remembering, nothing’s meant to last.


I’m just watching the world go by;

Savoring the moments before I die;

Thankful and rich for what I’ve done,

Where I’ve been, how far I’ve come.

Knowing that my breath will soon slip away,

As dusk will soon envelop the dawn of this day.


Catherine Dougherty, a New Hampshire native, is a fiction author and a former newspaper reporter, columnist, photographer, and real estate/business broker. Her debut novel, in Polyester Pajamas, was published in June 2012 and won the NH Writers’ Project 2013/2014 Readers’ Choice Award for outstanding work of fiction. Her second novel, in Woolen Bikinis, was published in 2013, and her third novel is due to be released later in 2014. For more about Catherine and her writing, please visit her website. We’ll be publishing an excerpt from Catherine’s forthcoming novel in the near future.


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