July 15, 2016

“Call Me,” a Podcast by Alain Bezançon

“Call Me,” a Podcast by Alain Bezançon

I assure you this is a simple coincidence but as some of you know, I recently returned from a six-month writing sabbatical in France, where I wrote the complete first draft of my latest novel, Anarchy, the third Nathaniel Hawthorne Flowers novel. My head and heart are still in France, so finding a podcast by a French novelist and podcaster might seem like the dog who can’t help but walk into the path of an oncoming car…. In any event, herewith meet Alain Bezançon, a technology entrepreneur by day, a very busy writer by night, and “Call Me.” Although this is a short work – perhaps a novella in print and about 40 minutes of well produced audio – I recommend you pay close attention to the details as you begin listening, for it all comes together at the end.

And yes, it is in English, not French. This podcast comes to us courtesy of our friends at Podiobooks, where you can find many hours of listening pleasure. Antique phone image courtesy of NetHugs.com. Enjoy!

Please click on each of the links consecutively to listen to “Call Me.”


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