July 22, 2016

And the Winner is…

And the Winner is…

We’re excited to announce the winner of our Logo Design Contest! Congratulations to Dan Chu for submitting the winning design!! It captures the “round-the-clock access “of our virtual café while giving a nod to the effects of drinking coffee all day and all night.

This is a big 3-inch in diameter adhesive sticker on circular vinyl, suitable for affixing to your car window, your bumper, your water bottle, your laptop or a porta-potty… you know, the usual sticker places.

If you’re low on ideas and want to buck tradition, here are a few other worthy candidates: your Keurig (because, obviously.), your phone/tablet case (because let’s face it, who uses computers anymore?), your self-balancing scooter (because who drives cars anymore?), your coffee mug (because what’s better than an ad for an imaginary café on a real-life coffee cup?) or you could go a step further and put it in the window of your own café and watch your customers come up to the door and touch it gingerly to see if the door is really there. Or you could just put it on your baby’s bottle. You know, ‘cuz that’s likely the most appropriate place for the words “All day, all night, never sleep.”

So, want to get your hands on one of these babies? Simply email us your mailing address and we will snail-mail one over to you! All we ask for in return is a photo of your FC sticker affixed to its final destination! Perhaps there will be a contest for most creative sticker use sometime in the future…alas, I tip my hand.

— Your Baristas

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