December 14, 2016

The Black and White Drawings of Martha Leduc

The Black and White Drawings of Martha Leduc

From Martha Leduc: I like symmetry, I like things to feel connected. Maybe being an only child, I longed for connection. My paintings explore order and chaos, tension between shapes and colors in order to then unify them. Expressive lines and ambiguous images appeal to me. In some cases, the work looks chaotic but there is always an underlying line or shape striving to unify the elements.

Long Island Bar, Brooklyn



Flatiron Building, Fifth Avenue


Brownstone Steps, Carroll Gardens, Brooklyn


Brooklyn Heights Deli, Henry Street


Jazz at the Clover Club, Brooklyn


The Gallery Opening


On the F Train


Two Guys in the Village



* * *

Martha Leduc is an artist living in New York. You can see more of her work on her website. She’s also a friend of Fictional Café member and former Featured Writer/Artist/Musician Phil Demise Smith.

She does small illustrations of New York in pen and animal paintings on paper. She really enjoys doing both realistic little works as well as large, expansive abstracts. Martha is self-taught through books and videos trial and error. She took a summer session in Provincetown, Massachusetts, many years ago.



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