March 28, 2018

Birthday Announcement – The Fictional Café Turns 5!

Birthday Announcement – The Fictional Café Turns 5!

We know going to a birthday party can be a chore. Putting the time aside, getting a gift, mingling with people you may or may not know. Well, you can attend the Fictional Cafe birthday right from the comfort of your own home, office, car or outdoor location that gets cell phone reception because the party’s happening on our Facebook Page on May 22nd!

Join us for live readings from members, videos from the baristas, fun facts and memories about the Fictional Cafe and more! We invite you to join in the fun too by sharing birthday wishes via video or sharing a picture from where you live and tagging your location.

As part of the Fictional Cafe community we invite you all to share this link via social media using the hashtag #FictionalCafeTurns5 on May 22nd. Hope to see you then!


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