December 5, 2016

Another Year, Another Chance to Say Thank You: December Submissions

Another Year, Another Chance to Say Thank You: December Submissions

As we close out another year here at the Fictional Café, We’d like to take a few moments to say thank you to those who make our site possible. To our writers and artists, we thank you for sharing your amazing work with us and our community. It is not easy putting one’s self out there, but we hope that the payoff of our appreciation is worth the tireless hours of working and the often thankless process of submitting to magazines and websites. Here’s to your wonderful work and to your continued success!

I’d also like to thank our loyal readers. What started out as a small, fun project has grown into a wonderful literary magazine and community – beyond what any of us had expected. Thank you for subscribing to the Fictional Café and sharing your thoughts and opinions on the work we publish. You’re the reason we exist and the fuel that keeps us going!

December Submissions

Our first fiction this month comes from Clive Aaron Gill. His short story “I Don’t Remember” shows the harsh reality of mental illness and its tragic effects on relationships.

Next up, we have the poetry of Clark Zlotchew. Follow the music of his stanzas as they take you to far away lands.

Our second fiction installment comes from William Masters. His story, “San Francisco Fever,” takes the reader on a ride through inheritance and scandal in the city’s gay community.

December’s art comes from Martha Leduc. Her black and white drawings have a New Yorker-esque vibe that we think you’ll enjoy.

We have a bonus featured poet this month, Natalie Goodwin. She has advice for parents looking to purchase a Barbie this holiday season.

Jack’s going to be abroad this holiday season, so we won’t have any podcasts for you, but be sure to tune in next month for more audiobook goodness.

— Your Baristas

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