October 7, 2016

A Ghastly Deluge: October Submissions

A Ghastly Deluge: October Submissions

The month of apple cider donuts and kids in costumes roaming the streets is always a fun time for me. From scary movies to crisp cool air, October is filled with signs, omens, of the impending darkness of winter. Our member contributions this month all have something a little eerie, even sinister, in them. We hope you enjoy our overflowing cornucopia of fiction, poetry, art, photography and video this month.

Our first piece of fiction is a short story about a play. Bobby Mustin’s Theory of Evolution follows three people from the fictional play Titans taking heat from a couple who think their production is garbage.

John Grey is our featured poet this month, bringing us poems about hell and dead men. You know, in case October wasn’t already Stephen King-y enough for you.

Our October art comes from Alyce Underhill. Her photography blurs the line between reality and dreamworld.

Next we have another short story, A New Beginning by Amelia Kibbie. Find out what happens when a woman admits a strange man into her desert home. Neither party gets what they expected.

We have one more art submission this month, coming from our friends over at Galerie Zon Zon in France. Stay tuned for another installment of our French art.

This month, we are pleased to give you some video! We are pleased to welcome back Nicole Beauchaine to the Fictional Cafe. This time, she’s sharing some of her stop motion videos that would give Gumby nightmares.

Here’s what Jack has in store for us with this month’s podcast:

We have published poetry by Californian Michael Larrain in the past and now welcome him back reading aloud three stories he wrote for his daughter, Wilder Kathleen The Rage of Paris Larrain. Yes, that’s her honest-to-gosh real name. We’re excited to follow up the “Children’s Lit Issue” postings in June from our contributing barista Jasmine Stirling with more of the same, this time to listen to. As usual, Michael’s readings begin next Friday.

And in case you missed it, we’ve got a contest this month to win some Fresh Java of your own aka reading fuel. Check it out!

–Your Baristas

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