October 15, 2021

” 13th Hour” by Giant Gnome Productions

” 13th Hour” by Giant Gnome Productions

Welcome back Fictional Cafe Listeners! Giant Gnome Productions is proud to announce the latest episode of our Original Horror Anthology13th Hour, Episode 1: GoldField.

The 13th hour tolls for someone… is it you? It is the dark side of midnight and time to face your innermost fears. Here, shadows overpower and banish the light, freeing the monsters of your imagination. When the 13th Hour strikes, so does the fear inside us all.

We’ve got two more weeks of this Horror month on Fictional Cafe, and we sincerely hope you’ve enjoyed listening as much as we have enjoyed posting. As a reminder, if you are triggered by scary stories, violence and horror, DO NOT LISTEN! We will be back to our regular, family-friendly, cheerful stories after Halloween.

Giant Gnome Productions
Episode 1

A former Pinkerton detective learns that ghosts of the past – and hidden secrets – have a way of coming back from the grave.

Cast and Crew

Written by CJ Hurtt
Audio Engineered by MJ Cog-burn


Megan Pressley as Elizabeth
Kim Gianopolous as Emma Carlton
Jon Specht as Phil Carlton
Perry Whittle as Fred Cooper
Melissa Johnson as Jane Wilson
Mark Zaricor as George Wingfield
Abner Senires as the Man
Tyrone Wells as the Announcer and Jason
Steve Carter as Pinkerton Detective Steve Murphy.
Jon Specht as the TimeKeeper
Perry Whittle as the GraveDigger

Music graciously provided by: Virgil Franklin, Kevin Macleod and Jim Paterson
Produced by: Tony Raymond and Waleed Ovase
Directed by: Tony Raymond
The Executive Producers of Giant Gnome Productions are Nick Armstrong, Daniel McIntosh, and Tony Raymond.

Next on the list, the 13th Hour presents – Episode 3 – The Rock and The Ghost!

Giant Gnome Productions
Episode 3

Two little girls go trick-or-treating on the wrong side of the tracks. What could possibly go wrong?

Cast and Crew

Gravedigger – Edward Winterrose
Timekeeper – Jon Specht
Betty – Marline McKernan
Margie – Ronikka Kendall
Mrs. Gerheard – Maureen Boutiller
Bobby – Brittani Ebert
Clint – Marilyn Sparks
Betty’s Mom – Andrea Littlefield
Officer Jones – Greg Littlefield

Special thanks to the Poudre River Public Library District for curating this story during the Short Short Spooky Story Contest and allowing us to adapt it to audio.

Cover photo by TexasEagle.

Music and SFX graciously provided by: YouTube Audio Library
Written by: Betty J. Simecka
Adapted for Audio, Directed, and Produced by: Nick Armstrong

The Executive Producers of Giant Gnome Productions are Nick Armstrong, Daniel McIntosh, and Tony Raymond.

We hope you’ve enjoyed the 13th Hour by Giant Gnome Productions. If you would like to hear more 13th Hour Episodes, please check out their website or iTunes. And if these Halloween horror stories are not to your liking, you can still check out Fictional Cafe’s Audio Arts Page. There are plenty of cheerful, family-friendly audio adventures for you to enjoy. And as usual, we will have a new podcast posted every other week at 7PM, EST. So don’t change that dial!

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