October 15, 2015

Woodsybug Guitar Art

Woodsybug Guitar Art

Here at the Fictional Café  we pride ourselves on publishing talented artists who create fun and unique works of art. The first time I saw Nicole Beauchaine’s guitar art, I knew we just had to get her work on the Fictional Café. Further perusal of her website revealed that she’s talented in many artistic areas including illustration and stop motion. A truly creative person, we are excited to bring you her guitar art.


image(3)These violins were painted and carved into wall-mountable lamps

image(20)Artistic, musical, practical: Guitar shelf

image(14)Decorative guitar art 

image(12)Carved back of another guitar lamp

imageDay of the Dead guitar art

Like what you’ve seen so far? If so, go check out Nicole’s Halloween-inspired guitars at her current exhibit in spooky Salem, MA at the Howling Wolf Taqueria. Here are just a few of the guitars that will be on display there:


image2Gotta love “The Shining”



One way to stand out at open mic night – this is a playable guitar


Nicole Beauchaine is a Boston-based guitar designer. She says, “Art is the tool I use to discover myself, and the confidence I gain from knowing who I am. Thanks for checking out my work, commissions are welcome anytime! www.woodsybug.com

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