December 9, 2023

“Witchever Path” by You and The Fans!

“Witchever Path” by You and The Fans!

Who hasn’t felt an emotional urge to tell a protagonist what to do at key moments in the story?

“Don’t open that door!”
“Take the overgrown path.”
“Call for Help.” 

We hear you.

Witchever Path is an anthology series where your decisions effect the story. Our stories are based in America’s NorthEast, featuring characters finding themselves in the thick of the unknown while tackling issues like queer identity, gender, race, and spirituality. Stories often focus on the communities not typically seen in stories taking place in New England, and giving voice to the perspectives of those communities while uniting under some universal themes. And the supernatural happens. A lot. 

To get a feel for what we do, start here:

Witchever Path isn’t like a lot of audio dramas. We’re a fiction anthology series that allows you to help determine the course of the story. At the end of every episode, a choice is presented to the listener and they’re encouraged to help us decide where the story goes next. As each storyline is self-contained, you can start at the first part of that story and then catch up in time to vote in the next decision point, without having to go through hours of canon and other work just to participate.

In other words: The new story is right here and waiting for your interaction. While you can go back and listen to the completed works from the beginning, it’s not necessary.

How does voting work?

Here’s how it works. We release a new episode every few weeks, along with a poll that we put up in the new episode announcement on our site and on our voting page. The audience has a week from the release of the new episode to vote, and then we take your decisions and use them to finalize the next script, which we then send to our actors.

We record the episode, then send it out and the process begins again.

To help you out, here’s the current story thus far:

The first of our anthology series where you control the path.

Episode Two continues the story based on the audience poll choice of “understood.” What will John do up at the Farm? Is the client really that dangerous? Who is waiting for them?

We hope you enjoy the beginning to this fun, award-winning series. If you want to listen to more, check out their website and Spotify, among others sources. And if you don’t like this episode, check out Fictional Cafe’s Audio Arts Page, I’m sure we have something to pique your intellectual interest. We have new episodes posted every other Friday, 7PM, EST. So don’t change that dial!

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