July 5, 2019

“Wash, Rinse, Dry… Repeat” by Zee Mink

“Wash, Rinse, Dry… Repeat” by Zee Mink

Lie, then smile with penitent lips, as you continue to cheat 
Wash with repentance. Rinse with remorse, Dry tears of regret 
It is your anemic nature, your compulsive rogue swagger 
Coffee break room champion, scalawag bragger 
My own weakness, craving your wayward arms 
My insanity, always falling for your charlatan charms 
I am the princess of poor personal choices 
Never listening to the warnings of my inner voices 
My logical head knows, my deceiving heart excuses 
The blatant deception, the revolving heart abuses 
I tell myself to walk. NO RUN away and never look back 
He’ll change, this is the last time he’ll jump the loyalty track 
Truth be known, I am the genuine liar, the authentic phony 
I could have a steak, instead I feast on cheap baloney 
My table is set, same old menu, no wisdom served today 
Eating with a spoon of shame, digesting familiar foul play 

Zee writes from a farmhouse loft in rural Texas.  When she is not writing she is creating art from discarded metal, glass and other found treasures.  She has been published in journals, anthologies, a book of essays, theater presentations, magazines, and the Texas Poetry Calendar.  She is most proud of her work with the “Outside the Cell” series funded by the Ford Foundation which addressed the incarcerated and their families.  It was published by Resilience Multimedia.  She is working on a book of short stories, a children’s fairy tale book and a collection of poetry.

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