May 5, 2017

Wally Berger’s Beautiful Wood Sculptures

Wally Berger’s Beautiful Wood Sculptures

Editor’s Note: We are so excited to bring you the wood sculptures of Wally Berger. You won’t want to miss a single detail! Please click on any image to enlarge. Grab a hot cuppa to sip while you ponder the cosmic quandaries Wally poses with his art. We hope you enjoy our Featured Artist for May.

Windows in Space-time

Space Through Time

Self Awareness

Quantum Quandary

Me and PU 2


Fields and Matter

EV and Me

Entropy Today, Entropy Tomorrow, Entropy Forever

Endless Energy

Cognitive Mix

* * *

Wallace G. Berger, Ph.D., has been an active artist since 2005, creating his work in Melbourne, FL and Saratoga Springs, NY. His art addresses themes that are theoretical, spiritual, and cosmic and cannot be seen in the real world. These themes, never the less, affect our perception of the world.

He creates 2 and 3-dimensional art, as well as kinetic sculptures. The work blends impressionist, and realist elements. The medium is exotic and native solid woods with some creations incorporating natural elements such as rocks, branches, shells, and hardware elements.

He has been a researcher, a U.S. Senate staffer, a system engineer, and a consultant to the federal government. He has worked in small and large research and development companies, the legislative and executive branch of the U.S. government, and at major research universities.

He is currently the co-founder of a company (LightShift Associates, LLC) that focuses on program evaluation. He has a keen interest in cosmology and theoretical physics. His interests also include writing Haiku, kayaking, instinctive archery, and long road trips. He is the author of the science fiction novel Wormhole Prophecies.

He graduated from Michigan State University with a Ph.D. in Industrial Psychology. He lives with his wife Charlene in Melbourne, Florida and Saratoga Springs, New York.

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