February 1, 2019

Tracy K Smith’s Poetry Podcast, “The Slowdown”

Tracy K Smith’s Poetry Podcast, “The Slowdown”

Like current poet laureate Tracy K Smith, we love poetry here at the Fictional Cafe! During her tenure, she is hosting a poetry podcast entitled The Slowdown. 

Each installment lasts a short five minutes, but they’re powerful. The musical prelude is a lilting jazz composition which lags ever so slightly behind tempo. This subtly encourages the listener to . . . slow down. Next, the audience hears Smith’s smooth, measured lyricism, and heartfelt expressions regarding the subject of that installment’s featured poem.

Three recent podcasts in particular had personal resonance for me. One delved into the legacy of Sylvia Plath, another remembered the indelible mark left by Nina Simone, and the last dwelled on 21st century gentrification. I hope you enjoy these samples, and take extra time to slow down and become a regular listener!


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