July 28, 2017

The “Tiny Dreams” Podcasts, Part the Fourth

The “Tiny Dreams” Podcasts, Part the Fourth

Here you are, listeners, the fourth installment and final episodes of “Tiny Dreams.” We hope you’ve enjoyed listening to these audio tidbits and will take a bit more of your time to sample the longer audio dramas from ZBS Media. As I mentioned at the outset, the stories of Jack Flanders and Ruby, The Galactic Gumshoe, were important landmarks in my appreciation for the audio storytelling media.

A great deal of new content has been developed at ZBS since my early days of discovery in the 1970s. While you can buy and download individual shows at zbs.org,  the serious listener [such as yours truly] will want to go to zbsmedia.com  for streaming media. Here you have access to everything we’ve ever done, for $5 a month, or $55 a year.

Once again, Fictional Cafe hats off to the great folks at ZBS for their highly original, always entertaining, and exceedingly well produced audio storytelling.

Illustration: Genevieve Shapiro

Stories: Tom Lopez

Scripts: M. Fulton

Music: Tim Clark

Copyright (c) 2017 by the ZBS Foundation, www.zbs.org

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