April 12, 2024

“Throwing Shade” by Eclectic Full Contact Theater

“Throwing Shade” by Eclectic Full Contact Theater

Chicago, 1934

In a city rife with crime and corruption, a hero emerges. The Shade, who rushes in where fools fear to tread…with predictable results. Luckily for Chicago, there’s the Vamp, female crimefighter replete with all the skill and talent the Shade lacks. Can the Shade save Chicago from crime? Can the Vamp save The Shade from himself?

Eclectic Full Contact Theatre presents Throwing Shade, the 1930’s radio satire you’ve been dying for. Uploading every Wednesday on all your favorite podcast sites!

Throwing Shade—the hero this city….never really asked for…

Mayor Crane’s Secretary, Misty LeBlanc, has been abducted. Can the Shade and the Vamp rescue her?

The Shade and the Vamp tangle with the Tallys. Can they prevail?

Professor Edison Tesla discovers a new fuel source. What could go wrong?

The Shade and the Vamp race to keep Edison Tesla’s energy formula out of the wrong hands, and The Shade finds a very…friendly…fan.

We hope you’ve enjoyed listening to Throwing Shade by Eclectic Full Contact Theater. If you wish to listen to more episodes, check out the show on their website or Spotify.

And if this isn’t your cup of tea, feel free to check out the other shows on Fictional Cafe’s Audio Arts Page. We have new audio adventures, every other Friday, 7 PM EST. So don’t change that dial!

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