December 10, 2021

“This Monstrous Life” by Casey Wolfe

“This Monstrous Life” by Casey Wolfe

Salutations Fictional Cafe Listeners and Happy Holidays! In honor of the season of Love and Giving just around the corner, Fictional Cafe would like to present “This Monstrous Life” by Casey Wolfe.

This Monstrous Life

Yes, we realize that the title and… images included in this podcast might seem a little contrary for this holiday, but we can assure you, that while this is an unorthodox way to start off our Christmas season, we can also promise an entertaining evening of audio fun and enjoyment.

This Monstrous Life
“This Monstrous Life.”

We’re in the midst of the holiday season, right? We hear a lot of people complain about how stressful the holiday season is, but if you think you have it bad – try being a monster. Take a listen to this one, it’ll really give you a new perspective on things. Oh and have a very happy holiday, unless you’re a monster in which case, we’re so very sorry.

From WZMB, Monroeville, it’s This Monstrous Life with your host Ira Slash. A group of intrepid reporters travels far and wide to investigate the peculiar human oddity known as ‘The Holiday Season.’ From the North Pole to a parallel dimension, Ira, Sara Disembowel and Jonathan Moldstein put their reporting (and killing) skills to use as only they know how. This episode shows, in order of appearance Matt Hill, Cornell Reid, Daniel Bush, Terry Scannell, Matthew Henerson, Romi Dames, Ashley Russo, and Nicholas Thurkettle.

Soundscapes created by Ethan Lewis, Joels Strubhar and John Costello. Production assistance Vincent Brown.

Editing and Mixing by Craig Good

This Monstrous Life

We had a tremendous amount of help excising this show from the crystal cave. Special thanks to The University of Texas at Austin Semester in Los Angeles Program!

We hope you enjoyed this audio adventure by Casey Wolfe and the production team of Earbud Theater. If you wish to hear more episodes, you can find them on iTunes, and Google Podcasts. And if this show doesn’t tickle your fancy, check out Fictional Cafe’s Audio Arts Page. We post a new episode every week at 7 PM, EST. So don’t change that dial!

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