October 16, 2020

“The Rats In The Walls,” by H.P. Lovecraft

“The Rats In The Walls,” by H.P. Lovecraft

From the twisted mind of H.P. Lovecraft and the talented hands and voice of Julie Hoverson, comes the adaptation, “The Rats In The Walls.”

Narrated by Julie Hoverson, H.P. Lovecraft weaves the tale of an American widow, Mrs. Delapore, moving into her old family home in England. During her first night, Mrs. Delapour is immediately alerted to the fact that her house seems to be haunted by rats. Unfortunately, out of all the people in the house, she is the only one who can hear them. Only the cats seem to be aware that something sinister is going on, and they yowl in the dead of night to alert her that something is definitely wrong.

As she continues her investigation, Mrs. Delapour finds there are many disturbing rumors surrounding her house, and all that live within are cursed! She continues to look, even though she is warned that to continue her search will be her undoing. In the end…her curiosity gets the better of her. Curiosity killed the cat, but Mrs. Delapour meets her fate with the rats!

The Rats In The Walls

Click here to listen to “The Rats in the Walls.”

With music from Footage Firm and voices from the 19 Nocturne Boulevard crew, Fictional Cafe welcomes back this award-winning audio production from its long sabbatical! As the second chilling podcast during our spooky month, we hope you enjoy it!

As always, we will be posting a new audio adventure every other Friday on our Audio Arts page at 7pm EST! So don’t change that dial!

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