October 12, 2016

The Mystifying Photography of Alyce Underhill

The Mystifying Photography of Alyce Underhill

Editor’s Note: Alyce shares a little bit about her art.

“Art is not just an object… a painting or a sculpture. It is a culmination of human energy, human emotions… joy, grief, hope or hunger… all things that connect us as humans.

When these emotions and energy come together as a piece of art or music the ordinary is made special. That is why art becomes an experience between the “creator” and the “experiencer”. A connection is made. We are joined through our humanness.

Always striving to infuse my images and music with a quiet power, I invite the experiencer to contemplate, to feel… to make a connection.

The act of making something that never existed before is mystifying.”


Crow Dance



Restless Waters



Water Lillies



Water Reeds



Fox Phantom


* * *

photo-alyceunderhillAlyce Underhill is a Boston-area photographer and musician. Her artwork has been seen at the Beebe Estate Gallery, Firehouse Center for the Arts, The Cloister Gallery, Charles River Coffee House, The School Street Gallery, in many libraries and in private collections.

She recently curated a show titled, “How is your Heart” that incorporated music, art and poetry. She gives thanks to William Tice for his work creating their Facebook page. You can also check out her website, created by Julia Swerdlov, for Touching Experience,  an art show in which the art was touchable and interactive, especially meant to be enjoyed by those with visual impairments.

Along with playing guitar, handheld Native drum and various percussion instruments, she considers voice her strongest instrument. She has performed at the Museum of Our National Heritage, The Essex Shipbuilding Museum, Shriners Hospital Boston and many private events, coffee houses and fairs. She has opened for Grammy Award winner Bill Miller as well as The Kennedys and African singer/songwriter Tony Bird.


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