April 14, 2023

“The Gathering” by Lewis Carter

“The Gathering” by Lewis Carter

Alternative Stories and Fake Realities is a podcast designed to promote new and original audio drama, poetry and writing from across the English speaking world.

Working with themes we will produce high quality content aimed at providing new perspectives on existing stories and ideas as we bring fresh and original writing into the world.

When Sasha and Gemma’s mother dies they are contacted by the mysterious solicitor Clark, with news that the rambling and isolated family home, Harrington Hall has been left to the sisters as part of the will.

There’s a catch however: in order to gain their inheritance Sasha and Gemma must spend a night together in the abandoned house.

 Content warning : This drama contains strong language and depictions of peril and horror. 

In The Gathering by Lewis Carter you can hear Miztli Rose as Sasha Phoebe, Batteson Brown as Gemma Alex, White as Tom Chris, Gregory as Clark, Sarah Golding as Mrs Harrington,Marie-Claire Wood as Rosie. And Emily Inkpen as the nurse. Other voices were played by members of the cast. Production, sound design, music and editing were by Chris Gregory.Recordings of Sasha and Gemma were by Phoebe Batteson. BrownCasting was by Chris Gregory and Lewis CarterSound effects were from Freesound.org and created by the team.The presenter in this podcast is Tiffany Clare. The script for The Gathering is copyright Lewis Carter and may not be reproduced in whole or part without the consent of the author.

Lewis Carter is an award winning writer and filmmaker living and working in South Wales. You can follow Lewis on Twitter.

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