August 21, 2020

“The Encounter,” A Collegiate Audio Drama

“The Encounter,” A Collegiate Audio Drama

Produced by The School of Visual and Performing Arts at Liberty University, The Encounter is a serialized radio drama that introduces its audience to two seemingly utopian societies. However, for a few young people the search for perfection and a greater truth lies just beyond their borders.

Written by Jordon Jarrett, Colton Grellier, Kim Camancho and Phillip Sitterding, the story follows Picasso (Neal Brasher), Violet (Hannah Glavin),  Stylus (Cody Carwile) and many more talented voice actors on a journey of introspective discovery.

The Encounter

Episode 1: Learn about one of the mountaintop cities–the Peak of Defiance. Picasso (Neal Brasher) hears a lovely song that haunts him, allowing him to see a vision of a third city that no one else can see. In Defiance, learn how the city runs and meet Ultraviolet (Hannah Glavin) and Stylus (Cody Carwile). Ultraviolet and Stylus begin to develop a personal relationship that could have a major impact on the future of those who think differently than the Scholar.

The Encounter

Violet (Hannah Glavin) and Picasso (Neal Brasher) have a heart-to-heart talk about why he chose to train her over all the other candidates. A series of votes leads Violet and Stylus (Cody Carwile) to conclude that Defiance’s voting system may not be as perfect as is advertised. Violet, sensing a kindred spirit, invites Stylus to their secret guild meeting.

The Encounter

Picasso (Neal Brasher) agrees to vouch for Stylus (Cody Carwile) in their secret meeting in Picasso’s shop, letting them into their confidence. Members of many guilds meet to discuss problems in Defiance’s voting system and whether disobedience is warranted. At this meeting Picasso shares his painting of the mysterious “Man on the Mountain,” but the meeting has been compromised. Who betrayed the gathering?

The Encounter is a serialized radio drama that is written, performed, scored and produced by the students and faculty of Liberty University’s School of Communication and the Arts. If you enjoyed these episodes, please go to their website or Apple Podcasts to listen to more.

As always, our Audio Arts team is excited to bring you new audio adventures, every other Friday at 7PM so don’t change that dial!

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