December 11, 2020

“The Case of Murder in the Fiesta Lounge” Audio Arts

“The Case of Murder in the Fiesta Lounge” Audio Arts

From the mixed up files of Jack Justice and Trixie Dixon comes The Case of the Murder of Fiesta Lounge. One more episode where a certain detective duo gets to get drunk, waves around several handguns of various sizes, and tries not to shoot each other. For those who haven’t heard a yarn spun by Gregg Taylor, you are in for a treat.

Part 1

When Trixie Dixon and Jack Justice are hired to guard a certain Michael Patrick Mulligan O’Day during his mayoral campaign, their main objective is keep him from getting shot. Which is proves to be very difficult since the one thing the girl detective wants to do is shoot him herself. Things take a turn for the worse when the lights go out and their client ends up dead. Now the only thing they can do in order to salvage their job and…somewhat questionable reputations is to find out who killed the late Michael Patrick Mulligan O’Day…and possibly not kill each other for being stupid.

The Case of The Murder in the Fiesta Lounge
Part 2

If you enjoyed these ribald little tales like The Case of Murder in the Fiesta Lounge, you can find a plethora of more action adventure-type stories at Decoder Ring Theatre. However if these gun-toting, sass-talking private eyes are not to your liking, feel free to check back in to our Audio Arts page every other Friday at 7 PM Eastern time!

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