April 27, 2019

“SuperGuy” The Saturday Night Podcast

“SuperGuy” The Saturday Night Podcast

We’re very fortunate to have a brand spanking new novel to begin podcasting tonight: SuperGuy by Kurt Clopton.

Oliver is a Milwaukee, Wisconsin desk jockey who suddenly finds himself transformed into a superhero. If you’re a desk jockey, you can probably tilt back in your faux Aeron, close your eyes and totally imagine what this feels like. If not, perhaps at least you’re wondering what it would feel like? Well, here’s your chance, and instead of having to read about it on your Kindle, lucky you! Listen to it right here, exclusively on the Fictional Café. At least for the next four weeks, as we present two chapters each Saturday night. Enjoy!

Please click on the arrow below to listen to the first chapter of SuperGuy.

SuperGuy, Chapter 1

Please click on the arrow below to listen to the second chapter of SuperGuy.

About the Author: Kurt Clopton works full time as a professional Olde Tyme photo model, specializing in wide brim hats and saloon backgrounds. He grew up in the Midwest and attended Luther College where he earned his undergraduate degree in Art and English. In an attempt to accumulate a debilitating amount of debt, he also has a Master of Arts degree in English from Iowa State University. Kurt spends most of his spare time perfecting his mediocrity at tennis and guitar, and the rest of it watching instructional YouTube videos on how to fix whatever he has most recently broken.

Kurt lives in Wisconsin with his secret second family when he is not on the road “traveling for work.”

About the Audio Production: The entire audio podcast was produced by Faux Fiction Audio, under the creative direction and technical finessing of Ruby Fink. The actors are:

C.J. Longhammer, Narrator

Lucas Guererro, Oliver/SuperGuy

Ryan Bozdet plays the Mayor, Chief of Police and Cyclone

Travis Lynch, Roger

Violet Fink, Emma

Steve Schleicher as Sergeant Przybylinkski

If you don’t feel you can stand to wait over these next weeks for new chapters, you can get your own complete SuperGuy print or ebook at Amazon.

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