February 1, 2021

“Shush Please,” Poetry and Art by Tamizh Ponni

“Shush Please,”  Poetry and Art by Tamizh Ponni
Shush Please
Tamizh Ponni
Shush please 
On a cold winter night 
I lay in the comfort of soft blankets and cushy pillows 
The non-stop titter-tatter against all tangibles 
mercilessly broke my hard-earned slumber 
Sliding and slithering over and over  
Crystalline droplets raced on the glassy tracks 
without much caution or trepidation. 
The uncoiled skeins of climatic emotions 
were desperate to bring glee into doldrums. 
I woke up, sat up and stayed up 
leaning towards the window pane, listening to their tantrums 
All night in silence, eyes closed, ears open 
It was a performance that clamoured for attention 
from lonely souls and midnight owls. 
I wish it came with a volume control 
The loud clatter and yellow lights, were acting like partners in crime 
brutally stirring up memories of good times 
Days that could not be reclaimed 
Nights and people that were taken for granted 
The happy chemicals I managed to create 
were rashly getting washed down the creeks. 
I sat there shiftless watching it happen 
as the raging tears trickled down. 
No amount of righteous downpour 
Would ever cleanse my soul or grant an absolution 
So I beg for some silence, a little peace 
 Whispering through the damp chamber, 
"Shush please, shush please." 
Shush Please
Shush Please
Shush Please
Arghh! the sudden sight of spooky shadows! 
They're gone, I've dropped them window curtains 
The PSAT scores are out next week 
It's just a test, don't rack your brains 
Morning showers stiff my bones 
I'll repair the geyser first thing tomorrow 
Oh, those shooting pricks of vaccine syringes! 
You can hold me tight, my pretty Avocado 
About the dreary dawdling barefooted hikes? 
We'll stop if you wheeze, I dearly promise 
And those dark skies and pitch black clouds? 
Darling, the rains and rainbows would never hurt us 
Are those cobwebs spun by hairy spiders? 
Just a humble abode of daddy long-legs  
Ah! fierce flashes of thunderclaps! 
They'll never reach you, now come to bed. 
And those swarm of bees and stinging wasps? 
Only if you trespass their tranquil tracks 
Why do they have beastly rules at the office?! 
To avert a revolt against the top dogs  
Imagine stepping on a live wire in streets 
The probability of that is one in lots 
I got pulled into a perilous quicksand 
Yes, you told me about that dream last night 
I am scared of ambulances, speeding with sirens 
You'll calm down once I begin playing my Guzheng 
Bulky bombs dropped on innocent children 
Just close your eyes and picture a star 
I always do, it gives me peace 
What a cute bundle of nerves you are! 
There's one last fear I've always had 
Talk to me frankly, you have my heed 
Will you ever let me go? 
Not in this lifetime, no, no no 
And forget our love without a hitch? 
Never will do, hey my heart's with you! 
You'll stay with me forever then, promise? 
Err....busy day tomorrow, now close your eyes. 
Is that a promise? 
Good night, good night, kisses and hugs. 
You promise? 
Tamizh Ponni
Shush Please
Shush Please


Tamizh Ponni

Tamizh Ponni worked as Design Facilitator in an International School, Bengaluru, India. She has a Bachelor’s degree in Computer Engineering, an MBA in Human Resources and a Masters in English Literature. She is currently pursuing her M.Tech, PhD integrated course in Data Science. She has worked as a Professional Development Coach and as a Tech Integrationist. Tamizh believes that the best thing in being an IB educator is that beyond teaching there’s a lot of deep learning involved in the process. Tamizh sees learning as a never-ending process and with technology integration, it gives her an interesting dimension to knowledge acquisition and skill-building. Tamizh spends most of her free time painting, reading, writing articles, stories and poems, playing keyboard and watching documentaries/movies. 

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  • Thank you everyone, for your kind words and comments! 🙂

  • Jack says:

    A debut of many delights, both visual and written. Charmed by “Promise,” esp. the kind we cannot keep:
    Will you ever let me go?
    Not in this lifetime, no, no no
    And forget our love without a hitch?

  • Stephen Brayton says:

    Felt the rain against the window. And mystified by the woman on the swing. Excellent.

    • Mike Mavilia Rochester says:

      The woman on the swing stood out to me too. Such a simple idea but so much to infer. Thanks for reading, Stephen! Looking forward to featuring your work again at the Café soon.

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