February 16, 2018

“Saratoga Noir” – The Thrilling Conclusion

“Saratoga Noir” – The Thrilling Conclusion

Here are the last chapters [15-20] of ZBS’s outrageous audio drama, “Saratoga Noir,” in which we finally learn if Danny Boyee, our fearless [and often, it seems, clueless] gumshoe is gonna stay out of Velma’s and Johnnie’s bars long enough to find that gol-danged cat. Or maybe find True Love with the sweet, high-spirited, named-after-the-orange Valencia? Listen, then . . .






If you’ve enjoyed what you’ve heard – and seen – please visit the ZBS website. They have loads of great stories to listen to for hours of inexpensive, high-quality audio pleasure. The best deal is the $5/month streaming.



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