March 9, 2017

Roger Leege’s Amazing Photoart

Roger Leege’s Amazing Photoart

Editor’s Note: Roger Leege’s Photoart combines analog photography with digital artist’s tools, resulting in a blending of reality and fantasy. The images below are from a series of “portraits”, both animate and not quite, that he’s been working on during the past couple of years. Click any image to enlarge.

Umlaut Golem


In Line for Skinny Puppy


NAPA Know How


Sweet Marie


Airship Pirate


The Pledge


Senora Sunset


Drums Girls and Dangerous Pie


* * *

About Roger Leege: I am a former painter, printmaker, and analog photographer (BA and MA, Visual Arts, Goddard College) who, as an early adopter of small computer technology, has become an advocate and evangelist for digital art and artists’ tools.  I’ve been fortunate to have print, gallery, and online publication credits in the US, Canada, the UK, and Germany.  I keep a portfolio site at and use for custom printing and online sales.
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