May 22, 2020

“Rescues” — An Audio Adventure by Sam French

“Rescues” — An Audio Adventure by Sam French

“Rescues” is a podcast written by Sam French and produced by Kidpod Theater. The story follows Danny Mikkelson, (voiced by Isabel Liberstein) a thirteen-year-old girl learning to help her step-mom, Kaye, (Angela Kinsey) in their business of rehabilitating rescue dogs. One day, on the way home from school, Danny finds a poor, bedraggled creature that she believes is a rescue. The only problem is, when she gets it home, Danny and Kaye discover that while it might be a rescue, it definitely isn’t a dog.

With supporting actors Amy Weaver, Jimmy Wong and Nicholas Thurkettle, this heart-felt, endearing show is a joy to listen to!

Episode 1: In which Danny discovers something messy.

Episode 2: In which we learn about the creature and it also gets a name

Episode 3: In which we are introduced to the “Raging Petunias.”

To listen to more of “Rescues” go to Kid Pod Theater.

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