February 24, 2017

Podcast: “A Memorable Night” by Anna Katherine Green

Here’s a fine short story to entertain you for half an hour. It concerns a young man desperate to see his beloved girlfriend before she sails for Europe, and the really strange circumstances that appear to be preventing him from doing so.

Anna Katherine Green was a 19/20th-century author who wrote poetry and fiction – in particular detective and mystery fiction. Her novel, The Leavenworth Case [1878] [read] [listen] is often cited as the second mystery novel written by a woman. She was praised by Wilkie Collins, who wrote the first detective novel, The Woman in White [1860] [read] [listen].

This story is from LibriVox, a great archive of free audio books. All the works are read by volunteers who love literature and LibriVox. Who knows, you might want to be one of those people!

Please click the arrow below to listen to “A Memorable Night.” 

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