May 27, 2016

Podcast: “How to Succeed in Evil”, Chapters 9-12, and a Bonus! by Patrick E. McLean

Podcast: “How to Succeed in Evil”, Chapters 9-12, and a Bonus! by Patrick E. McLean

If you’re still hanging in there with our podcast, you’re probably thinking you’re getting close to the end. The happy news is, you are not. There are seventy – yes, 70 – chapters, plus the Prologue and Epilogue, so you have many hours of happy fun ahead of you. Would that we could drop a few clues about what’s going to happen, but we’re not spoilers, and even better, no spoiler alerts. We’re certain that’s the way Patrick would have it.

Please click on the arrow below to listen to Chapters 9-12 of “How to Succeed in Evil.”

Chapter 9: What Do You Want, Mr. Windsor?

Chapter 10: Cassette Girl

Chapter 11: Calling Home

Chapter 12: Cindi with an “i”

The further adventures of the Evil consultant and Excelsior, the Most Powerful Man in the World. We hope you’re entertained by this wonderful media [actually, a lot of people have already liked our podcasts on Facebook, but we need all the praise we can get]. So we would love to hear how you’re enjoying this podcast, so drop us an email at submissions@


Now, here’s the bonus. One night, Patrick got shot. Yup, got shot by a guy with a gun while driving through a neighborhood in L.A. where he obviously should not have been. It’s quite a story, and even though it is true, not fiction, it’s worth a listen. Here’s the link.

We would also like to point you toward Patrick’s other novels and podcasts; this is only one of the “Evil” series, so take a few moments to check out his other work at and his own website.


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