May 13, 2016

Podcast: “How to Succeed in Evil”, Prologue and Chs. 1-4, by Patrick E. McLean

Podcast: “How to Succeed in Evil”, Prologue and Chs. 1-4, by Patrick E. McLean

Do you remember the Malaysia Air Flight 370 that disappeared a few years ago? It seems Patrick McLean was prescient – he wrote about a similar disaster-in-the-making which occurred out over the Pacific…or maybe it’s something that happens all the time and we just don’t hear about it. But what we don’t hear about is a superhero named Excelsior [go ahead, Google that word, see what it means] who flies to the plane’s rescue. Or does he? Anyway, this is how this fabulous podcast, read most excellently by the author, kicks off. Over the next three Fridays we’ll post the first twelve episodes, just to make sure you’re hooked. But you probably will be by the time you finish the first one anyway. If you listen to these and just can’t wait to listen to more, please go to our partner-in-podcasting site,, to get ’em all.*

Please click on the arrows below to listen to the first five episodes of “How to Succeed in Evil.”

Prologue: Song

Chapter 1: A Lot of Words He Doesn’t Know

Chapter 2: Vorld Domination

Chapter 3: Edwin Walking the Hallway

Chapter 4: A Child of Faded Empire

  • Note: Patrick edited, revised and re-podcast this novel; there are at least two versions available at various sites, his own and others. We have drawn ours from the site, so we recommend you download the book here to maintain consistent version control.


Patrick E. McLean is a man of many guises. Educated as an economist, he quickly discovered his true calling was, to use the Irish term, as a seanachai, or storyteller. So he turned to writing. Creative writing, which led him to reading his works aloud back in the early days of podcasting (meaning the mid-2000s). Podcasting, because he got to play with some really cool electronics gear and read highly entertaining stories in his mellifluous voice. The podcasts led, as they sometimes do, to publishing his work as novels. So he got a twofer, and now he can use his economics education to analyze royalty statements. What a story. What a seanachai. Check out this very cool and interesting storyteller and his works at his website.


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